Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD Renewed, Agent Carter Ordered to Series

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Despite some doubts and criticisms of Marvel's first TV series set in the MCU, Agents of SHIELD has been renewed for a second season, and will be joined by another Agent on ABC.

It’s been an incredibly busy week for the networks, especially concerning comic book properties, as we’ve seen four DC series picked up for full seasons. ABC and their Marvel property Agents of SHIELD has seemingly been on the fence after a somewhat disappointing first half of the season, but it was announced yesterday that Coulson and his motley band of Agents will be returning for a second season.

Agents of SHIELD Art of Level 7 Poster Marvels Agents of SHIELD Renewed, Agent Carter Ordered to SeriesThe news comes right as fans of the show gear up for the season finale next week, and those of us that have stuck with the series couldn’t be happier to see more of it. While admittedly the first half of the season provided a slow start to the first MCU series, the second half paid off big time, especially following the huge connections to Captain America: The Winter Soldier. This multi-level marketing tool will continue to provide a unique connection to Marvel Studios films while further telling the story of Agent Coulson, who many consider to be the connective tissue of the MCU.

Also announced along with Agents of SHIELD‘s renewal is the series order for Agent Carter, which we’ve been hearing rumblings about for a couple of months. Following the character of Peggy Carter, who we’ve seen in both Captain America films as well as a Marvel One-Shot, the series will furhter explore Hayley Atwell’s portrayal of one of the founders of SHIELD. Another face slated to make an appearance is Dominic Cooper’s Howard Stark, which only further ingrains this series into the MCU.

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It will be interesting to see if the past events of Agent Carter will affect the modern-day Agents of SHIELD, with both shows not only taking place in the MCU but airing on ABC as well. While it isn’t as big of an announcement as the various DC related-pick up’s we’ve discussed this week, it’s a welcome addition to Marvel’s developing TV slate. Once the Netflix Defenders series kick into full gear, the big and small screen connected universes will have reached an all new level of inter-connected amazement, but for now we are content with another season of Coulson.

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