Marvel’s Original Sin Teasers: “Everyone Has One”

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The next major Marvel event is almost upon us, and they've been dropping a ton of teasers that continue to build hype for Original Sin.

Fans first started discussing the next event when the first teaser arrived, which depicted the death of Uatu the Watcher, a key figure in almost every Marvel event since his first appearance in 1963′s Fantastic Four #13. The questions of who shot the Watcher, and further more who holds the eye of the Watcher will be answered by Jason Aaron and Mike Deodato in the main series, with tie-in issues from across Marvel NOW.

Marvels Original Sin 1 Marvels Original Sin Teasers: Everyone Has One

On the moon, the dead body of Uatu, the Watcher has been discovered. His home ransacked. Looted of its valuable alien technology. But something far more dangerous was taken. The Watchers eyeball, which has borne witness to every event and every secret in the history of the Marvel Universe, now rests in the hands of his killer. Secrets that are about to get out.

Who holds the eye?

Variant Covers featuring various members of the Avengers with the eye of the Watcher were soon released, along with a number of teasers that feature the tagline declaring “Everyone has One” which you can scroll through below.

Some of the teasers feature a number of interesting scenes, including a look into the past with the Mighty Avengers, Deadpool, and All-New Invaders, while the present is explored with Captain America and the Avengers, the Fantastic Four, Doctor Strange and the return of the original Nick Fury!

We are expecting more teasers to follow as Original Sin begins in April with Original Sin #0, and will keep you updated as more is revealed.

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