Marvel’s Summer Movies Shows Off Deleted Scenes; Plus X-Men: DoFP Extended Cut in 2014?

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A lot of Marvel's summer hits are coming out on DVD and Blu-ray in the near future and some deleted scenes have surfaced online to tease us. Also, the rumors are heating up over the Extended Cut of X-Men: Days of Future Past whether it will see the light of day this year or 2015.

There are several Marvel movies that are about to be released on DVD, Blu-ray and Digital Download over the next several months and we all have been clamoring for more. Whether it’s more Captain America: The Winter Soldier or The Amazing Spider-Man 2, deleted scenes always clues us into the bigger picture. Even if it’s just excess plot movement that could be cut but still interesting tidbits in the grand scheme, or sometimes a plotline that would have changed the dynamic of a character arc or ending to a movie, it’s an interesting look into the minds of the filmmakers and the story they want (or don’t want) to tell in their movies.

We get a bit of both in Cap 2 and ASM 2 ,but we’ll start off with The Winter Soldier. The two deleted scenes found their way online via Marvel before the digital release on August 19 and the DVD, Blu-ray and On Demand release on September 9. The first scene deals with the split loyalty to S.H.I.E.L.D. or to Captain America and the exchange that happens between Agents Hill and Sitwell. It’s an interesting exchange given the later events in the movie but probably found itself on the cutting room floor because it definitely would have tipped off more than a few people as the movie’s events unfolded. The second scene involves the chase scene with Captain America after he leaves the Triskelion. It’s just extra explanation on how he’s able to walk around sans costume/tracker but at least we know that maybe Steve Rogers plays a little basketball. Or knows where a gym is.

The next deleted scene comes from The Amazing Spider-Man 2, which is now out digitally while its DVD and Blu-ray release is on August 19. A leaked scene, which is now being taken down, was titled, “Peter Meets His Father.” Obviously that brings up red flags all over the place because as far as we all know, Peter’s parents were deader than dead. Now, I have not seen the scene as Sony Pictures have gone into hyperdrive and taken down any and all of the leaked videos. We do know that it’s not a flashback or illusion in Peter’s mind. This scene was supposed to go somewhere in this movie but given that director Marc Webb moved many plotlines (remember Mary Jane Watson anyone?) to the next movie, who knows if we end up seeing more of Richard Parker (Campbell Scott) in the webslinger’s life or not. It is a deleted scene after all, so it’s not in this movie for a reason. I guess we’ll have to wait to see what Webb adds in his director commentary for the scene.

Lastly, there’s a back and forth going on about the Extended Cut of X-Men: Days of Future Past. Executive Producer Lauren Shuler Donner of the X-movies went on Twitter more than a month ago to respond to a question about the extended cut of X-Men: DoFP. We do know that Rogue ended up on the cutting room floor so a lot of people were eager to see how Anna Paquin’s return to the X-franchise would have fit in. Donner responded to a fan question by saying that it would be inbound by the end 2014. That’s good news right? Not so fast my friend. James Finn of 21st Century Fox doused those flames by responding to another fan saying that the October release was for the theatrical version, NOT the extended version and that we need to wait until 2015 before we see more. Obviously we should be more inclined to believe the latter tweet from the Fox spokesperson but perhaps we can hold a little hope.

What did you guys think of the deleted scenes? What about the possible surprise that Richard Parker never really died? Would that benefit The Amazing Spider-Man 2 or just cause even more confusion and rolled eyes? Leave your thoughts below or comment on our GEEK Facebook page!

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