Mary Doe: Kickstarter Campaign Looks to Create Breathtaking Trailer

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Kickstarter has been a haven for creators from everything to movies, to gaming, to technology.

This crowdsourcing website has brought to life projects that would have faltered and died without the support of the fans. Now a unique campaign has surfaced there, and it is funding to create a promotional trailer for a movie, which you can be a part of.

Set in a bleak future, the premise of Mary Doe seems to pay homage to old school horror films. Wandering in the middle of the desert Mary seems to be near death when she is rescued bya group of strange men. These five men take her to an decommissioned bio-weapons facility named San Eden. But when they ask her who she is, that is when it dawns on her that she cannot remember anything. The bullet wound in her chest seems to be the only link to her past. San Eden might become their tomb though as they all face the hordes of flesh eating zombies trying to break into the bunker.

So why go after the fans to make a great trailer and not fund the entire movie?

“We need a substantial budget and are going after certain A-List actors to make the feature film Mary Doe, the way we envision. The story is too big to make as a low budget feature. We would not be able to do it justice! That’s why we need to make the Promo Trailer, delivered with the quality of a major motion picture and showing the scope, drama and grandeur the story deserves, while still retaining the heart and vision of our CREATOR OWNED STORY.”

The people attached to the project are also special effects professionals at Mega Effects group. You have seen their work attached to various blockbusters such as The Hobbit, The Matrix trilogy and even The Wolverine. Nick Nicolaou is director / writer / producer and spx designer for the project, and will work with fellow producers Paul Katte and Franc Biffone. And to put the icing on the cake the promo Kickstarter trailer is hosted by the wizard of gore Tom Savini!

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