Mass Effect Trilogy Bundle Coming to PC, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3

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Those who missed the Mass Effect boat on its first voyage will soon have a chance to check out the entire series for a pretty reasonable price. Today, Electronic Arts revealed plans to release all three games bundled together on the PC and Xbox 360 for a mere $59.99. At some point in the months that follow, it will also be made available on the Playstation 3, presumably for the same price. It’s still a mystery as to whether or not the package will include the many pieces of the trilogy’s downloadable content; if it does, this will be one of the greatest gaming values of 2012.

The original Mass Effect was never released for the Playstation 3, so that version of the bundle will likely draw the most attention. To cover for the lack of ME1 on the platform, its version of Mass Effect 2 came with an interactive comic that summarized the events of the first game. Electronic Arts’ press release announcing the bundle made no mention of it coming to Nintendo’s Wii U, which is surprising since the third game will be ported to the platform.

The press release also mentions that November 7, the day after the bundle releases to the PC and Xbox 360, has been dubbed “N7 Day” by Electronic Arts and Bioware, who developed the games. It will be a “worldwide celebration of the Mass Effect franchise” with “in-game, online and live events.” If you’re interested in participating, visit for more information.

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