Mauro Perucchetti’s Sculptures Mix Classic Art With DC Comics

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In comic book history there are many memorable superhero friendships: Spider-Man swinging along with Black Cat, Blue Beetle and Booster Gold laughing it up, and perhaps the most famous of all the relationships; Superman and Batman.

With so many hero pal-ups it’s hard to find a new spin on the idea, however sculptor Mauro Perucchetti has done just that. Taking Michelangelo’s classic The Creation of Adam as his template, Perucchetti crafted a beautiful sculpture of the two The Big Blue Boy Scout and The Dark Knight.

The piece was originally displayed in London’s Halcyon Gallery in 2010 as part of his Modern Day Heroes art instalment, but the sculpture is just as powerful  today as it was four years ago (Especially with the upcoming Batman v Superman picture on the horizon).

The detail on this sculpture helps to bring this piece to life, with the romanticized look of the heroes making them so different, yet so familiar to us. The softened look of Batman’s face is a far cry from his normally stern visage, while Superman retains his traditional heroic features – and curiously enough, Superman’s likeness is actually based on a self-portrait of the artist himself.

mauro perucchetti batman superman batman 600x900 Mauro Perucchettis Sculptures Mix Classic Art With DC Comics

Via Perucchetti‘s website:

“Mauro Perucchetti’s body of work combines Conceptual, Minimalist, and Pop Art traditions. A pioneer in the use of resin, he incorporates a variety of mediums such as crystals, chrome, gold and steel, appealing to the eyes and the sense of touch; his work is a mirror of modern day materialistic desires.

Mauro’s art takes a critical yet light-hearted approach, relying on symbols to create meaning. He unites Pop aesthetics with social comment to address some of the most pressing and difficult issues in today’s society in a way that is subtle and accessible, without being trite, shocking or obscure.

Mauro is above all an artist who is connected; he sees the bigger picture and has his finger firmly on the pulse of contemporary society.”

mauro perucchetti batman superman superman 600x900 Mauro Perucchettis Sculptures Mix Classic Art With DC Comics

Perucchetti’s artwork covers a wide spectrum and his influences are varied. Below is a collection of some of his more interesting pieces:

You don’t need to look too deeply into the symbolism of these pieces in order to enjoy them – even at the surface, Perucchetti’s work is gorgeous. Whether it’s a Jelly Baby-inspired Buddha, a Pez Barack Obama or Jesus fighting back from the cross, they’re all visually striking and worth studying in detail. Many artists take a tongue-in-cheek approach to reworking classic art styles and pop culture icons, but few do it with the pinpoint accuracy and talent that Mauro Perucchetti shows in his portfolio. We’re dying to see who’ll turn up next in Perucchetti’s work. Who do you want to see get his classic-pop treatment?

 Images: Mauro Perucchetti

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