MEDIC Sensor Monitors Blood For Drugs On 24/7 Basis

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This exciting new tech could very well change the way doctors are able to monitor their patients.

The MEDIC sensor is a powerful new tool that can monitor the blood for drugs in real-time.

Science goes further every single day, with new advancements in medical technology that continue to blow the doors off traditional medicine. A sensor called MEDIC, Science Transnational Medicine reports, can monitor drug levels in your blood real-time. This differs from current sensors in several ways, since right now they only have the power to monitor a few types of molecules in patient’s blood. MEDIC could sense any of them, giving it the potential for some extremely intensive monitoring for diabetic patients and others who need consistent surveillance. It’s already been proven successful in mice, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

While its medical benefits are obvious, there is the worry that this type of monitoring could eventually be used for Big Brother-like control over employees and individuals, to keep people in line or to peek into what the public puts into their bodies. The implications are creepy if you think further than medical uses, but as of right now the uses for MEDIC, as the paper states, are for medicinal and research purposes.

Imagine the impact it could have on the lives of the chronically ill, or patients who require medication at regular intervals. If all goes well, this powerful monitor could revolutionize medicine.

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