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Andrew Robinson is a longtime independent artist who has done work for all of the major comic companies but is currently on the verge of finishing a major project that he’s been working on for the last 3 years. Thankfully, he took some time off to draw the amazing double cover for Geek #4, featuring its Superhero Summit story.

GEEK: How did the Geek cover come about? Were you told what to draw?
Andrew Robinson: I was told to draw Marvel characters and DC characters – Silver Age – going to the movies. Pretty straight up. Not much you can do with that besides a straight on angle, but I tried to get a little perspective… a downward angle so we’re kind of looking up a bit at these heroes. I also wanted to have a little bit of comedy in there. We have Plastic Man reaching over into the other side and taking some of the Hulk’s popcorn. Other that I tried just to make it as well drawn and interesting as possible.

GEEK: Why did you choose to add a lesser known character such as Kitty Pryde (a personal favorite) off in the corner?
She was one of the secondary characters on the list and I knew I needed a darker costume to be on the very outside because they’ll have to put all the text over her on the cover. I just got instructions as far as which main characters they needed and then once those were put in there, we just filled in the secondary heroes.

GEEK: Tell us what you’re working on now that you’ve knocked the Geek cover out of the park.
My current project right now is called The Fifth Beatle. It’s a fully painted graphic novel centering around Brian Epstein, the band’s manager. It kind of deals with 6 years of his life where he finds the Beatles in the Cavern Club in Liverpool and then makes them this worldwide success… who are still one of the most popular rock and roll bands ever.

I’m painting it and Vivek Tiwary is the writer. It’s his baby. He’s also writing the screenplay for the film, which is in the works. So that’s what I’ve been doing for the last 3 years, in my little hole, painting this book. I’ve got about 5 pages to go and it will be out next year. It’s going to be 129 pages in all. The format I’m not sure of yet. You can see the artwork and read more about the project, the film and the graphic novel, at

the fifth beatle andrew robinson2 Meet Andrew Robinson  Geek #4s Cover Artist

The Fifth Beatle art by Andrew Robinson

GEEK: How long have you been a professional comic artist?
I started in 1993. I was still a senior at the Savanna College of Art Design. My first projects were short stories for Dark Horse Presents and it kind of went from there, banging back and forth between doing gaming illustrations (Magic the Gathering, White Wolf) and doing comics at the same time.

GEEK: Where else might we have seen your artwork in comics?
I had a really good run on Starman for DC comics as the cover artist for about 12-15 issues. I’ve done covers for Superman, JSA, and Hawkman. I’ve done X-Men covers for Marvel. I did Star Wars covers for Dark Horse. Recently did some King Conan. I’m also the creator of Dusty Star. Had a few issues put out through Image comics and it’s something I’ll be jumping back onto once I’ve finished The Fifth Beatle. I’ve also done covers for The Ride and I will be doing covers for Archer & Armstrong for Valiant. But right now it’s all about the Fifth Beatle and wrapping that up. It takes all of my time, energy, and brain power.

GEEK: Which artists have been your creative inspirations?
Definitely Walt Simonson was a huge inspiration. When I got his Star Slammers graphic novel in ’83, it blew my mind. It made me actually want to draw things in panels. I wasn’t necessarily doing storytelling back then, but the way his designs were… they were so dynamic, it really moved me to draw images in panels. Also a big fan of Bill Sienkiewicz, Jamie Hewlett, and Mike Mignola.

andrew robinson instagram sketch 300x300 Meet Andrew Robinson  Geek #4s Cover Artist GEEK: Do you have a favorite character that you like to draw?
I have fun with a lot of these characters, but Wolverine is probably the most fun. He always has a lot of character with that gruffness about him and that interesting body type. He’s a thick, short, bulky guy. The Hulk was also fun. Spider-Man’s fun, but the costume is always a challenge.

GEEK: If you had a chance to draw any character in comics with full creative freedom, which would it be?
I think probably the Hulk. He’s this big bulky mass of super strength. I’d love the chance to cartoon and exaggerate him a bit.

GEEK: What are you liking in comics right now?
Loose Ends from 12 Gauge comics is at the top of my comic book list. Jason Latour is the writer, Chris Brunner is the artist, Rico Renzi is the colorist. As far as three creative people who are working together, it’s a great story with some of the best artwork you’ll see in comics today and the coloring is just amazing.

GEEK: We have to ask… What do you geek out about?
Star Wars and George Lucas, more the old movies than the new movies… but especially the NEW new Disney movies that will be coming out. I also geek out over things like Instagram and all the free media for small artists. It’s kind of cool that we can do all of this PR on our own these days.

Find Geek #4 with cover art by Andrew Robinson on newsstands now or order it here online.
geek 4 double covers Meet Andrew Robinson  Geek #4s Cover Artist

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