Megan Ellison Makes Some Progress With Terminator Reboot

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Halcyon Holdings expressed interest in unloading the rights to The Terminator franchise in 2009. Despite a heartfelt open letter and generous offer of $10,000 from director Joss Whedon, the company decided to put the rights on the auction block. In May 2011, an auction winner was announced – producer Megan Ellison, daughter of Oracle founder Larry Ellison (note: they make routers or something) and founder of Annapurna Pictures. Her winning bid was reportedly in the neighborhood of $20-30 million. Sure, that’s more than Joss, but she expressed no earnestness in open letter form. I think Halcyon made a mistake.

Ellison has made little-to-no progress on the Terminator front since then. Until today, that is. Deadline reports that she recently hired her brother, David Ellison, as a financial & creative partner.  At one point, Justin Lin (Fast & Furious) was set to direct with Arnold Schwarzenegger as the lead. Now, due to production delays, Lin was forced to drop out; Schwarzenegger’s involvement is currently unknown. He said he’d be back, though; I trust him.

Lin dropping out inspired the Ellison siblings to start from scratch. I expect things to come together quickly. Thanks to new copyright laws, according to the Deadline post, the series rights will revert back to James Cameron in 2019.

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