Mental Over ’80s Mecha Metal part 4 – Robotech

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In order to meet the minimum requirement of 65 episodes for syndication, production company Harmony Gold USA combined three independent anime series, Super Dimension Fortress Macross, Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross, and Genesis Climber Mospeada to form a generational story about humans fighting extermination at the hands of warring aliens.

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This unique collection of rewritten anime series became what we in the U.S. recognize as the Robotech saga, which is credited as a major force in the introduction of Japanese anime to mainstream America.

Mecha-07: Robotech Alpha Fighter (1/35)

Release: 1985
Price: Varies

Imported by Excite/Gakken, the Robotech Alpha Fighter was transformable into all three of the forms (jet fighter, robot and a half-jet-half-robo mode) as seen in the Robotech series. Although the parts were delicate and many broke from only mild play, its looks have stood the test of time and it’s still a favorite of many collectors.

Mecha-08: Masterpiece Shadow Fighter Vol. 1  – Maia Sterling

Release: 2010
Price: $80

Toynami’s Masterpiece Shadow Fighter is an updated version of the classic Alpha. With cool features like missile hatch doors that open up to reveal a destructive payload and articulating hands, this update certainly looks great. The flip side is that this figure is very brittle and great care must be taken while simply posing it, let alone transforming it.

Photos by Jerry Tsai

Figures courtesy of Tony Yao

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