Metro: Last Light Live Action Short Film Prelude to the Game

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Metro: Last Light is lining up to be one of the more unique shooters in years.

While it’s not uncommon for shooters to focus on story from time to time, THQ intends to go a little deeper with Metro… and not just into the bowels of Moscow’s underground. This dark, devastated world is also intentionally portrayed in a way different from traditional western viewpoints.

The story is set 20 years after nuclear war has devastated the globe (presumably… at least we know that Moscow took a big hit) and the people who took refuge in the city’s massive underground subway network, the Metro, begin to warily step outside to see how the world has changed. Your character was a baby when the bombs dropped, so it’s all he’s ever known. Giant mutated rats, bats, and spiders were not part of the ecosystem two decades ago, but, boy, are they ever now. As the story unfolds, you find that you’re a part of a team that seeks out the means to survive beyond the dark recesses of the Metro. The available game footage online shows off a stunningly beautiful yet horrifying atmosphere. And while it officially debuted at last year’s E3, I’m guessing we’ll get to see quite a bit more this year at the industry-only expo.

Until then, take a look at this stunning live action film short that sets up the story of Metro: Last Light

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