Michael Arndt Confirmed as Star Wars Episode VII Screenwriter

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Disney and Lucasfilm are wasting no time ramping up on the next installment of the Star Wars saga, Episode VII: Name Forthcoming! According to StarWars.com, they've confirmed that Michael Arndt has been tapped to write the screenplay for the film. He had recently been cited as having a 40 or so page treatment already in hand and it looks like his full involvement couldn't be kept a secret any longer. This officially makes public that pre-production is well underway and fans couldn't be happier (right?).

If you have no idea who Michael Arndt is, well, he’s the guy who won an academy award for Best Original Screenplay for Little Miss Sunshine. Okay, maybe you’ve never thought of Little Miss Sunshine and Star Wars in the same realm of storytelling, but you have to admit they have a little in common: a special mission across a great distance, a daring escape, an emotionally conflicted teen, a girl who’s treated like a princess but doesn’t act like one, and a “wise” old man who dies near the end of the film (oops, spoilers). Sounds like Star Wars to me. Oh, and he was also nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay for one of my favorite movies of 2010, Toy Story 3.

If you haven’t been keeping up with George Lucas’s and Kathleen Kennedy’s chats on the future of Lucasfilm and the Star Wars empire, it’s time you did. They give you hints at the future without really telling you anything, but it gives you hope that they’ve really thought this thing through and aren’t just handing it over the Imagineers with a blank slate.

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