Mick Garris To Put Horror Interview Collection Online With New Site

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Horror filmmaker Mick Garris will launch a new website that will hold lots of his past work, including his interviews for The Z Channel from years ago, as well as the Post Mortem series on FEARnet. The site will be called MickGarrisInterviews.com and you can count on plenty of great, insightful content.

Mick Garris started interviewing icons of horror and sci-fi as far back as the late 1970s on the Los Angeles cable station, The Z Channel. It was on that station where he interviewed horror legends like Roger Corman, Steven Spielberg, Stephen King, John Landis, Jamie Lee Curtis, Veronica Cartwright, and William Peter Blatty, among so many others. In addition to The Z Channel interviews, Garris also had an interview series he hosted called Post Mortem which originally aired on FEARnet. The network has to close its doors on June 13th of this year and since then, much of Garris’ content from FEARnet has been in limbo.

In the past it’s been incredibly tedious to find entire segments of these Garris interviews. Any horror fan should rejoice at the fact that they will all be collected in a one-stop-site, even offering content not seen since they originally aired. Garris has compiled his interviews from The Z Channel Show¬†Fantasy Film Festival, Post Mortem and the commentary he provided on Trailers From Hell all in one of two places: either his YouTube channel or the brand new website, MickGarrisInterviews.com. The Post Mortem¬†interviews were particularly tricky because of the odd way in which FearNet’s video organization was apparently handled.

The website will launch on August 18th, which will also have an accompanying YouTube channel (name: MickGarrisInterviews). The site will kick-off on the 18th with a John Carpenter interview and in addition to the Post Mortem interviews, there will also be lots of fun docs and bonus features from over the years. It’s bound to be a great resource for any horror fan of Garris, Carpenter, David Cronenberg, John Landis, George Romero, Don Coscarelli, and many more modern horror filmmakers.

Are you excited to check out all of Garris’ horror content from over the years in one (two, if you count the YouTube channel) place?

Images: MickGarrisInterviews.com

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