Microsoft Entertainment Studio May Resurrect NBC’s Heroes

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Netflix, Hulu and Amazon have all entered the original content game. In 2012, Microsoft created a new division – Microsoft Entertainment Studio – with hopes of doing the same.

A post ran on TV Line yesterday that might’ve revealed the first part of their game plan. Well, original content plan; no games were mentioned.

According to TV Line sources, Microsoft is in “preliminary talks” with NBC to resurrect Heroes. This will be the first piece of programming created for the company’s next game console. This version will allegedly follow a new set of characters with old favorites popping in & out as their scheduling permits. So, in other words, Hiro’s return is probably inevitable; Claire, on the other hand, is a little tied up with her career in country music.

The first season of Heroes delighted quite a few geeks; however, the quality of subsequent seasons turned their delight into wrath. The show got bogged down with too many characters, frequent personality changes, online comics (some of which were actually good) and storylines. A streamlined version could remind those that once loved the show why they loved it.

Microsoft Entertainment Studio is also an “interactive” content creation house. Does that mean we could see a Defiance-esque game that will influence the show’s plot? TV Line mentioned nothing regarding this, but it wouldn’t be too surprising to see one.  If the show does indeed happen, hopefully the transmedia surrounding it is kept at a tasteful level.

Readers: would you be interested in seeing Microsoft revamp Heroes? Let us know in the comments.

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