Microsoft Hires Former CBS Exec to Run Original Video & Interactive Content Studio

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Taking a cue from Netflix, it appears that Microsoft will soon be producing original video content for streaming, presumably via their Xbox Live service. Yesterday, the company hired Nancy Tellem (see in photo with Lt. Dan), who formerly ran CBS Television Entertainment, to “develop unique, compelling storytelling experiences” for their consoles. Her official title is Entertainment & Digital Media President. Sounds fancy, doesn’t it?

Tellem will head up Microsoft’s new content production studio, which is currently being built in Los Angeles. Its purpose will be to develop “interactive and linear” content for their various hardware creations. So, in addition to the Xbox, we might see some of whatever is created on PCs, Windows Phone and the forthcoming Microsoft Surface tablet.

Some of the Netflix Originals have been fairly well received, so this could be a smart move on the part of Microsoft, provided they’re not simply planning on improving Major’s Minute and SentUAMessage. The “interactive” content is the most exciting aspect of the whole deal to me, though. I was a big fan of 1 vs. 100, Microsoft’s video game/live game show hybrid, and would welcome anything of a similar nature. If they do something like that again with less product placement, my heart will belong to them forever.

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