Minnesota Remodeler Finds Action Comics #1 in House Wall

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A remodeler named David Gonzalez stumbled upon the holy grail of comic books recently when he found a copy of Action Comics #1 in the wall of a house in Elbow Lake, Minnesota.

That’s right: the first appearance of Superman, the Man of Steel himself, and not the one from the “New 52.” This was the real Superman from 1938, who was using his powers of invulnerability to help insulate a house in Minnesota. And anyone who’s been to the Land of 10,000 lakes knows that keeping houses warm there is surely a job for Superman.

While Gonzalez bought the house for a little over $10,000, chances are good that the comic will sell for much, much more than that. Despite being graded at a meager 1.5 by CGC, the comic has already received 34 bids in an auction running through June 11, and as of this writing sits pretty at $127,000.

action comics 1 minnesota house 300x413 Minnesota Remodeler Finds Action Comics #1 in House Wall Said Gonzalez of the find: “I knew it was worth money. But I had no idea how much.”

The auction’s being handled by a comic dealer in Tampa, Florida, and when it’s all over, they’ll split the money 50/50. Already, Gonzalez has made more than six times his investment back, and the auction still has plenty of time left. Not bad for a piece of insulation, is it?

Source: Star Tribune

Image: DC Comics

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