MTV’s Teen Wolf Brings On The Monsters For Season 4

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We're not the biggest fans of projects that hail from the MTV editing floor, but you can't deny the popularity of the supernatural hit, Teen Wolf. And once again, the show ups the stakes in its latest trailer featuring an all new set of monstrous villains.

TWTW MTVs Teen Wolf Brings On The Monsters For Season 4

Teen Wolf the series deserves some recognition. Though it’s an entirely different entity than the 1985 movie, and trust my EIC has plenty to sound off on that, it brings a unique set of eyes to the world of the supernatural series. Showrunner Jeff Davis has managed to create a monster show with its central take on various shape-shifters, demons, banshees and other other worldly beasties, including last seasons Kitsune and Dark Kitsune drama, without a vampire or witch in sight.

Every season promo starts off with a riddle and the above trailer asks: “Who is the Benefactor?” Season three left us off on a pretty heavy note as we saw the deaths of several key-players of the series, so I’m sure fans (myself included) are dying to know what is next for the Beacon Hills gang. Jeff Davis did clue us in on an international setting as last season took viewers to Japan for part of the narrative.

Either way, the fourth season is one to look forward to, and if you’re not watching Teen Wolf, you’re missing out on a bounty of gore, wolf-on-wolf action and tons of shirtless scenes. Admittedly I’m here for the latter. MTV has a binge worthy multi-season line-up available online for your viewing pleasure. Last season the show averaged over 2.3 million viewers per episode, making MTV’s creature feature the dark horse hit of their cable TV line up.

If you still have a soft spot for the 1985 classic, perhaps you and my Editor-in-Chief can bond over this meme used countless times to bash my current Teen Wolf obsession. I’ll make a believer out of him yet….maybe.

TW MTVs Teen Wolf Brings On The Monsters For Season 4

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