Watch the New “Muppets Most Wanted” Trailer

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The Muppets are back and they're Most Wanted! (most wanted what, we have no idea)

And while the new trailer gives us little to go on regarding plot, the sequel, similar to the original Muppet Movie‘s sequel, The Great Muppet Caper, has more than a little international intrigue flowing through it. Modern Family‘s Ty Burrell appears to play a Frenchman while comedian Ricky Gervais is… well, he’s British. And Tina Fey shows up with a Russian accent, apparently ordering our green-skinned hero to be sent to the gulag. Toss in a couple dozen felt creatures and you’ve got yourself Muppets Most Wanted, yet another strong franchise feather in Disney’s cap.

From the looks of it, Bret McKenzie is back to write the songs and new Muppet Walter appears to play a smaller role as part of the returning cast, but without Jason Segel and Amy Adams beyond a surprise cameo, most likely. At the very least, Scooter gets a Maroon 5 song and dance number. With penguins. Of course.

There’s a good chance we’ll see more from the Muppets at this weekend’s D23 Expo in Anaheim.

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