E3 2013 – My Oculus Was Rifted

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I'm not even sure what that means, but to be fair, I can't even fully describe the way I felt after I experienced the Oculus at E3.

It literally was unlike anything I’ve ever seen (heard, felt, imagined, etc). In the most real of senses, it was like being transported into another world and completely leaving this reality behind. Hence the term “virtual reality”, I suppose.

Six of us had the privilege of playing EVE Online at once, a space ship dogfighting title from CCP. Now, I’m not one to brag, but I will say that my score carried the team. However, doing so was no easy task. In video games, as we play them today, the character is attached to your viewport. Where the character is facing, is where your facing. This isn’t so when you’re under the influence of the Rift. Instead, as you might expect, where you’re looking has no bearing on the direction you’re headed. You can be looking down at your hands, literally, and be flying straight up. This detachment lends itself to some incredibly insane feelings of gravitational loss as you barrel roll through space and do everything in your power to dodge missiles and lasers.

Gameplay on EVE Online was pretty straightforward, but even in its simplicity, it was far more engaging and entertaining than most games today. You could argue that’s due to the novelty and newness, but I have a distinct feeling that its not. CCP says, and we can attest, that this game is nowhere near complete. Even still, this is most definitely the future of gaming. As soon as developers can find ways to build games that make sense for this type of platform and how to overcome the simple challenges like aiming your gun, we’ll be in for a serious treat. Until then, I’ll keep remembering those 3 minutes of gameplay euphoria.

Images: CCP Games

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