Mystery Science Theater 3000: XXIV Available July 31st

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One has to wonder if a movie like Star Wars had not caught on with audiences and had failed at the box office in 1977, if we'd see half of the films that end up being lampooned on Mystery Science Theater 3000. Two prime examples show up in the latest MST3K offering (volume XXIV): Fugitive Alien and Star Force: Fugitive Alien II. Both Japanese films are blatant Star Wars rip-offs, with one going so far as to include a space ship battle down a long trench. But it was for films like this that Mystery Science Theater 3000 was invented. Two other films in this set, Samson vs the Vampire Women (1962) and The Sword and the Dragon (1956), hale from an era long before it was cool to rip off Lucas's sci-fi saga. They, like the two Fugitive Alien films also in this set, are foreign films. Samson is a Mexican film while Sword was made in Russia. You know how, to many Americans, the term "foreign film" conjures thoughts of commonly high-brow, contemplative fare? You'll never confuse these 4 films with This collection is concrete proof that it's not just America that makes crappy movies for robots and spacemen to make fun of.

Once again, it’s difficult to review a DVD collection that’s so devoted to showcasing the most horrible of films. The movies are good in the only way bad films can be, but you know that without Joel, Mike, Crow, and Tom Servo providing commentary, you likely wouldn’t make it past the first 2 minutes without talking over it yourself.

Mystery Science Theater 3000: XXIV is another must have for any MST3K fan. All four of these episodes featuring the rightfully-mocked foreign film travesties have never been released on DVD before, so get it directly from Shout! Factory while you can or at quality retailers everywhere.

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