NASA Receives Whopping Budget Increase from House of Representatives

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Would you believe that there would be those in Congress who thought that NASA, one of the U.S. government's most integral programs, should get a cut in their budget?

Well, it’s true, there were some in Congress trying to give NASA a paycut, seemingly for no real reason. But thankfully, after much debate, NASA won’t have a cut in its funding; in fact, its budget has been increased.

The House of Representatives has passed its 2015 funding bill for Commerce, Justice and Science, and out of the funding debate, NASA will receive a whopping $17.89 billion. The increase is much larger than their previous $435 million budget – a $250 million increase, in fact. The humongous raise in budget was President Obama’s idea, and thankfully, it had a favorable vote of 321 members of the House, while 87 representatives voted against it.

NASA’s Planetary Science Division is also set to receive a large budget. The division will receive $1.45 billion, which is about $185 million more than President Obama originally suggested. NASA’s Space Technology also received $7 million, with that money coming from NASA’s Space Operations.

Even though the President and a majority of the House were backing NASA, there were still some hurdles to jump. There were four attempts to reduce NASA’s budget, but it was argued that by spending less on NASA’s funding, America might have to further rely on Russia. If you know anything about America, Russia, and the Space Race, then you can imagine how irritated America could be if they had to rely on Russia’s space operations and technology.

The allocations of NASA’s new budget will be made known next week, but as long as the closest thing we have to Starfleet is getting funding and keeping us informed about our universe, then everything’s great.

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Image: ESA/Herschel/PACS & SPIRE Consortium, O. Krause, HSC, H. Linz

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