SNL and The Tonight Show – NBC Adds Diversity, Glosses Over History

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NBC is experiencing a bit of blowback from numerous fronts regarding some decisions made on two different shows.

If you are one to keep up with news of America’s Least Watched Network, then you know already of the diversity issue on Saturday Night Live. If you aren’t, we’ll catch you up. Saturday Night Live has a diversity issue. As in, the majority of the cast is white males. When they hired a whole slew of people this year? Mostly white males. So needless to say, people started taking notice and publicly wondering what the deal was. Lorne Michaels and those involved with Saturday Night Live first responded to the issue in a way only they could.

Thankfully, now the next time Kerry Washington, or any other black woman hosts SNL, they won’t have to play Beyonce, Oprah, and Michelle Obama in one sketch. For Michaels and crew has signed a new cast member, Sasheer Zamata.

If you are unfamiliar with Zamata, you should head over to YouTube immediately and watch the entirety of her “Beyonce as a Mommy” series, because it has moments of genius. A few of my favorites are “Too Hot” and “Dinner Time.”

While SNL seems to have easily solved their issue, things aren’t going as smoothly for The Tonight Show. It’s not a problem per se, rather an instance where fans just sit back and scratch their heads for a bit. Jimmy Fallon’s move from Late Night to The Tonight Show is mere weeks away, starting on February 17, and the first promo has hit the internet.

So what is that thing making fans go “hmmm”? Well if you blinked, you might have missed a certain someone who had a rather large, if not pleasant, impact on The Tonight Show history. Despite only hosting the show for seven months, there is no denying that, for a large population of viewers, Conan O’Brien is the face of a situation that personified their decline, especially among a younger audience. So for this Tonight Show retrospective, even as short as it was, to not even include the man except for the briefest of moments? Seems a bit rude. It’s not like we don’t remember what happened.

But NBC is looking forward and pinning all their hopes of regaining a foothold in the coveted 18-49 demographic with Jimmy Fallon taking over The Tonight Show and then SNL‘s Seth Meyers making the move from head writer at SNL and host of Weekend Update to Late Night

What do you think? NBC a bit gauche to not even include O’Brien’s voice in the promo? All of this not a big deal? Are you excited about Zamata’s addition to SNL? Let us know down in the comments below!

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