NBC Picks Up Dracula Series Featuring Jonathan Rhys Meyers

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NBC has placed a 10-episode order for a new Dracula television series featuring The Tudors' Jonathan Rhys Meyers as the the count.

The Washington Post ran a blog a few minutes ago detailing the plot of the series. In it, Meyers’ Dracula will be living in London during the Victorian era pretending to be an American businessman desiring to spread the gospel of science. This, as you might expect, is all to get revenge on people who wronged him centuries beforehand. A wrench is thrown into his plans when he meets and falls for a woman that could be his reincarnated ex-wife.

Carnival Films & Television, the folks behind the wildly successful Downton Abbey, will produce the show for NBC. It’s based on a script by Cole Haddon, who you might know from his work on Dark Horse Comics’ The Strange Case of Mr. Hyde.

Given the pedigree of the people behind the show, it going straight to series is no surprise. Now, the only question remains is whether or not NBC will give it enough time to grow before trying to cancel it. Regardless of how long it’s on the air, it will be quite refreshing to see a revamped classic that isn’t fully modernized.

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