Nerocam’s App Creates Mind Reading iPhones

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While a mind reading phone is a fun use of the new technology, smart phones are reaching scary science fiction-like proportions.

Ever get tired of pop up ads that have nothing to do with you? Or wish your smart phone would let you know when your favorite store is having a sale? Well, Nerocam is here to help. The new iPhone app (and accompanying head gear), presented recently at the Human Sensing 2013 conference in Yokohama, are well on their way to revolutionizing advertising. The app, which literally reads your mind via the EEG sensors strapped to your temple, will store interests in the form of gifs and save the info for later, as well as possibly mapping your frequented favorite spots.

The EEG scans, while useful to advertisers, are even more useful to medical science. Currently, scientists at the University of Denmark are using similar science to perfect portable brain scans. Yes, you read the correctly.  Still in the beta stage, this tech could cut costs of medical brain scans down to next to nothing.  But this won’t be the first time a smart phone has been used to advance medical science. Dr. David Albert, an Oklahoma Cardiologist, invented the recently FDA approved iPhone ECG, which Albert hopes will be used by EMT’s and the like.

Microscope, glucometer, portable ultra sound, breathalyzer. These new uses for the phone could change the face of medical science, giving rise to more cost cutting uses and creating tools whose use in underdeveloped areas could even save lives.

Tech advances will likely find the most funding from advertisers, as the Neruocam has, with the company teaming with advertising giant Dentsu, but the overall scientific implications of the new technology would make Gene Rodenberry proud. It seems a full functioning tricorder can’t be too far in the future .

The current Qualcomm Tricorder Xprize, a competition with a 10 million dollar prize to the team that successfully develops a working tricorder, is no doubt inspiring further development in a fully operational device that would use similar technology currently being used by iPhone app developers to drive low cost diagnostics into the future. Mind reading phones are only the beginning.

Now, who do we see about our flying cars?

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