Netflix Secures Deal with the Warner Brothers Television Group

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I've got a bit of business news for you. If you continue reading, I suggest downing a few 5 Hour Energy Drinks.

Netflix, only one month after they signed an impressive distribution deal with Disney, have entered into an agreement with the Warner Brothers Television Group. Said agreement gives them rights to eight of the company’s current productions and “potential future shows,” according to Fox Business News. NBC’s Revolution, USA’s Political Animals and A&E’s Logmire are but a few of the shows you’ll soon be able to watch instantly via Netflix.

There’ll always be a special place in my heart for Netflix. Instant Watch is great; however, it’s not without its faults. My biggest issue with the service is the length of time it takes for new episodes of a TV series to get added. This is where Amazon’s Instant Video and iTunes has an edge. The Fox write-up hints that shows under the Netflix/Warner Brothers deal may get added a bit quicker, though.

Other Warner Brothers Television Group shows include: Fringe, Person of Interest, Southland and The Big Bang Theory. If you’re still awake after reading this post, let us know in the comments which WB show(s) you’d like to see added to Instant Watch.

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