New Geek Magazine iPhone App Allows Even More Mobile Access

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The new Geek Magazine iPhone app is here, and best of all, its free to new and existing digital subscribers.

That means if you’re one of the lucky ones that currently experience the overwhelming joy of swiping your way to geeky bliss, you won’t have to call it quits because your iPad’s too large to sneakily tap away on in meetings. Now you’ll be able to pull out that smaller and more discreet iDevice and keep digesting some of the best content on the planet (if we do say so ourselves).

The new iPhone-friendly version will be available starting tomorrow. In order to secure your palm sized edition, open the app on your phone and “Restore Purchases.” Simply download the app (if you haven’t already) and you’ll be prompted to restore your purchases. If you’ve already downloaded it, click on settings and choose Restore from there. Unlike on the iPad, the iPhone version will not be interactive, however you’ll have access to all the same great stories.

restore purchases New Geek Magazine iPhone App Allows Even More Mobile Access

If you haven’t subscribed, you should. It’ll change your life. You can download the app from the App Store directly.

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