New Guardians of the Galaxy Posters Introduce the Heroes and Villains

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Guardians of the Galaxy opens to audiences nationwide on August 1st, but Marvel is wasting no time introducing the cast of heroes and villains to fans, new and old.

Chris Pratt will star as the brash and somewhat sarcastic Star-Lord, also known as Peter Quill. At least partially human, Star-Lord is an unlikely hero at best, but if the comic is any indication we can expect him to rise to the occasion, leading the Guardians as they fight to save the galaxy.

Deadly assassin and daughter of Thanos, Gamora, will be played by the lovely and totally kick ass Zoe Saldana, whose unique upbringing promises some complex story development for one of the many strong female leads.

Tough guy Michael Rooker takes on the role of Yondu, an alien hunter whose intuitive nature and borderline mystic skills are reminiscent of the myths and legends of north american natives. David Bautista will be Drax the Destroyer, whose serious, literal nature will no doubt make him the straight man to the sarcastic Star-Lord. Having been created to destroy Thanos, we might also expect some interesting interactions between Drax and Gamora.

The final two members of the team will be computer generated. The Ent-like alien Groot and his good friend and heart of the team, Rocket Raccoon will be voiced by Vin Diesel and Bradley Cooper, respectively.

Reluctantly assembling the team of mismatched heroes are head of the Nova Corps, Nova Prime Irani Rael, to be played by the impeccable Glenn Close, and Nova Centurion Rhomann Dey, played by John C. Reilly. 

Ronan the Accuser, set to be the movies main antagonist, will be played by Lee Pace, most recently known for his role in The Hobbit trilogy. A Kree warrior known for doling out his own brand of justice, Ronan has long been a splinter in the sides of Marvel heroes. Korath the Pursuer aka Korath-Thak, another Kree soldier and feared intergalactic tracker will be played by Djimon Hounsou.

Karen Gillan of Doctor Who fame shaved her head to tackle the role of Nebula, once thought to be another decedent of Thanos. The kick ass space pirate has a complicated history with Gamora that will hopefully make for some Bechdel busting scenes.

Already introduced to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Thor: The Dark World, Benicio del Toro will reprise his role as Taneleer Tivan AKA The Collector. His presence is yet another tie-in, adding to the rumors that the Guardians may, in the near future, be visited by some Avengers, or possibly the other way around, as the comic books story lines cross often.

While he may not have a poster of his own, Josh Brolin is set to voice main baddy Thanos, though it seems his role may be somewhat small. If Thanos is involved, the possibility of crossovers is again increased. While nothing has been announced, this is one of those movies where staying after the credits is highly encouraged.

 Images: Marvel, Disney

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