New Homestar Runner Cartoon Emerges

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Anybody out there remember the Homestar Runner cartoons?

The cartoons were an early online sensation, but the website hadn’t updated with a new episodes since 2010. Now, out of the blue, the site has updated with a brand new cartoon, meaning it’s time to get back to burninating the countryside and the peasants! Well, perhaps not quite. But it’s time to go once again down the strange road that is a Homestar Runner cartoon.

trogdor New Homestar Runner Cartoon Emerges

The new Homestar Runner cartoon features the title character addressing the lack of updates and then inviting viewers along on his updating excursion. The cartoon series’ surrealist humor is back in full effect, as if the site had never gone though a four-year hiatus. Aside from reuniting with Homestar and his armless self, we also get reintroduced to Strong Bad, one of the more popular characters from the series. There’s also some craziness with Windows 98 and some hilarious singing. And, if you’re wondering, yes, the cartoon is still animated the same way it’s always been – with Flash. It truly is a blast of nostalgia.

There might be some of you out there thinking, “What in the world is Homestar Runner?” Homestar Runner is a web series that came to the interwebs in 2000 and slowly grew a loyal fanbase. Once that fanbase brought in others by word-of-mouth then the website gained astronomical speeds and became one of the top humor sites on the web. One of the creators behind Homestar Runner, Matt Chapman has gone on to work on major shows like Gravity Falls and The Aquabats! Super Show, both of which mesh brilliantly with the type of humor Chapman, his brother Matt Chapman and Craig Zobel have exhibited in their Homestar Runner series.

What do you think about the updated Homestar Runner? Does it take you down Memory Lane? Talk about it in the comments section! Also, if you want to know what “burninating the countryside” means, just check out this vintage Homestar Runner cartoon.

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