New Line Cinema Interviewing Potential Directors for Y: The Last Man

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Y: The Last Man’s time in Development Hell may end before too long. According to Vulture, the recently revised draft of the screenplay written by Jericho scribes Matthew Federman and Stephen Scaia pleased the powers-that-be at New Line Cinema enough to inspire them to take meetings with potential directors.

The film is, of course, an adaptation of Brian K. Vaughn’s Vertigo-published comic series, Y: The Last Man. It is the tale of Yorick Brown and his pet monkey Ampersand, the only two male survivors of a plague that destroyed every creature on Earth with a Y-chromosome. With the world in turmoil, Yorick and Ampersand embark on a journey to reunite with his congresswoman mother, his girlfriend Beth and find out the truth behind the plague. Needless to say, their trip isn’t an easy one.

Back in 2007, Vaughn and screenwriter Carl Ellsworth (Suburbia, Cleopatra 2525) began work on adapting Y: The Last Man to film. Suburbia director DJ Caruso was brought on to helm the project in 2010; however, he eventually left due to a disagreement with the studio on how to handle it (he wanted a trilogy; they wanted one film). We’ve not heard much on the project since his departure.

Vaughn’s tome will undoubtedly make a great film, but, in my opinion, it would make an even greater television miniseries. Cramming a comic series that ran for six years into one film is a bit much. Imagine a Y: The Last Man produced by AMC with a budget similar to the one they use on The Walking Dead. While I believe that would be a more appropriate route to take, I will definitely be seeing this one on opening weekend. How about you?

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