New Lo-Fi Sci-Fi Trailer For Alien: Isolation

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The Creative Assembly is doing everything they can to convince fans that Alien: Isolation will be a faithful homage to the original Ridley Scott film.

Their latest trailer for the game focuses on the lo-fi design elements that make the environment surrounding you and the Xenomorph feel terrifyingly real, and reminiscent of the Nostromo.

In the ‘Lo-Fi Sci-Fi’ developer diary below, Creative Assembly explain that they brought in artist Ron Cobb, who designed all the concepts for the human environments in Alien, and used his guidance to create new, unique environments for Alien: Isolation that would look and feel like an extension of the technology in the movies.

The most exciting thing about this retro-future style is that the game’s mechanics are meant to represent the same analog philosophy: All the player’s tools, like the motion tracker, will fall in line with the bulky, mechanical design of the spaceship, which should lend a lot to the tension of being stalked by a Xenomorph.

The UI elements have also been stripped down and designed to feel older. Creative Assembly actually recorded gameplay on VHS tapes and played them on an old TV, purposefully mangling the ribbon or manipulating the TV cables to authentically reproduce static and visual noise.

alienisolation2lg 600x342 New Lo Fi Sci Fi Trailer For Alien: Isolation

Based on the game footage released to this point, Alien: Isolation is visually hitting the mark. From certain angles the Sevastopol could easily be mistaken for the Nostromo, and trying to track down the Xenomorph in its abandoned quarters seems like an Alien fan’s best nightmare. 

Alien: Isolation releases October 7, 2014 on PC, Xbox 360, PS3, Xbox One and PS4.

Images: Creative Assembly, Sega

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