Polaroid Socialmatic: New Old School Cool

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If Instagram was inspired by Polaroid, it's only fair that Polaroid find inspiration in Instagram, or at least the technology that spawned the popular social media photo sharing app. The new Polaroid aims to meld digital and real-world photo sharing with their new Socialmatic camera.

The Polaroid Socialmatic is a digital camera that shoots and prints 2×3-inch photos in an instant. The photo paper it uses requires no ink so it is smudge proof and water and tear resistant. The paper is also backed with self-adhesive making each photo a sticker too. That’s a neat feature that’s sure to be great at parties and other social gatherings.

polaroid socialmatic 3 Polaroid Socialmatic: New Old School Cool

Looking a lot like the ubiquitous Instagram icon found on millions of smartphone homescreens, the design of the Socialmatic features a rounded-corner square shape and is fairly thin. Unlike Instagram however, the Socialmatic shoots photos in a 2:3 format, which we really like. (That 1:1 square of Instagram drives us nuts at times.) The Socialmatic is Android-based and lets you connect with your favorite social media apps to share your photos instantly. Also unlike Polaroids of the past, it takes clear, sharp pictures with its 14 megapixel front-facing and 2 megapixel rear-facing camera. Strangely enough, you can always “age” your photo through your favorite photo sharing app.

polaroid socialmatic 2 Polaroid Socialmatic: New Old School Cool

It also features an LED flash, 4GB of internal storage, and a Micro SD slot for extra data storage. It is Android-based with a 4.5” touchscreen LCD display and is WiFi enabled for instant photo sharing. The camera was displayed at CES with assorted carrying cases and covers that allow the user some customization and protection options. Availability is slated for Fall of this year with an MSRP of $299, with the photo paper sold separately.

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