New Story DLC Announced for Batman: Arkham Origins

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Batman fans will have the opportunity to return to Gotham City this year in an all-new single player campaign.

Following last week’s mysterious Save the Date and subsequent invitation to the ‘Humanitarian of the Year Awards‘ which were posted to the official Batman Arkham Facebook page, Warner Bros. Montreal revealed yesterday that brand new story DLC will be coming to Batman: Arkham Origins in 2014.

A specific release date hasn’t been disclosed as yet, nor any details regarding the add-on’s size or price, but the photo’s caption seems to indicate this isn’t the last chunk of information to come from this series of Facebook updates.

In response to the announcement, speculation has already begun surrounding the DLC’s contents, with many fans inferring from the ice-covered award featured in the poster above that Mr. Freeze will most likely take center stage. The theory is based on Freeze’s most famous origin story, wherein Humanitarian Award recipient Ferris Boyle throws Victor Fries into a vat of chemicals, turning him into the iconic villain. Freeze later crashes the award ceremony to seek revenge on Boyle.

ArkhamCity 600x337 New Story DLC Announced for Batman: Arkham Origins

It’s worth noting that Mr. Freeze’s boss fight in Batman: Arkham City is regarded by many players as a stand-out moment from the franchise, and it will be tough for WB Montreal to face the inevitable comparisons to that beloved set piece. Despite the generally favorable reviews and strong sales, a lot of fans feel that Rocksteady handing the reigns to WB Montreal between Arkham City and Arkham Origins led to a worse sequel.

Freeze aside, there’s still a lot to learn about what Warner Bros. Montreal have planned for this DLC. It’s safe to assume there will be a handful of side missions and sub-bosses for Bats to beat down on his way to Victor Fries, and DC Comics have a whole cast of characters from the Rogues Gallery that have yet to appear in the games.

We’re looking forward to hearing more from WB Montreal, so expect to see more information from Geek as the story develops.

Images: Warner Bros. Montreal, Rocksteady Games, DC Comics

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