Newest Gameplay Sheds Light On ‘The Order: 1886′

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The first real glimpse of gameplay from the highly anticipated PlayStation 4 exclusive was finally shown to the press and is now available online for The Order: 1886.

Developer Ready at Dawn have been very quiet about The Order: 1886 considering it’s one of Sony’s hottest commodities for the new console generation. The Order is one of the PS4′s first exclusive titles and a prospect that fans have been clamoring over since its announcement: A beautiful, Victorian-era steam-punk shooter wrapped in cinematic gameplay, a la Naughty Dog’s Uncharted series.

At a recent press event, however, RAD lifted the veil on the game’s mechanics, highlighting the core elements of gameplay in a 3-minute demo:

From PlayStation Blog:

“In The Order: 1886, we present our neo Victorian London; an alternate version of history centred around an age old war, where mystery and technological advances take centre stage. This conflict pitted mankind against half-breeds in a battle for survival and has been fought over centuries. This became the catalyst for the noblest warriors of their time to come together in an alliance, to form an Order who bravely battled to hold the line for hundreds of years.

Through the centuries, their vigil has kept humanity safe and the war at bay while The Order’s members remained hidden behind history and legend. But everything changes with the advent of the Industrial Revolution. The tide of war shifts as the Knights finally bring the battle to the half-breeds with the help of new weaponry.”

The gameplay shown in the video follows two of The Order’s knights through a series of short cinemas and gameplay sequences as they travel down the narrow streets of old London and eventually crack open a weapons crate.

It’s a little surprising how conventional the game play is, at least at first glance. The Order: 1886 is a cover-based third-person shooter, and despite the setting and fantastical weaponry, it appears the majority of the game will center around ducking behind walls and popping out to fill NPC’s with lead. However one of the demo’s most important features to note are the interactive cutscenes, which allow the player to make minor choices or at the very least manipulate the camera when a cinematic takes over the action. The first of these takes place immediately at the beginning of the video, where the player is able to control Galahad’s viewfinder and look around for his target. Later we see a hand-to-hand brawl where the player is able to quickly select a tool to use to finish off the enemy. Ready at Dawn have also stated in recent interviews that The Order: 1886 will feature a refined quick time event system, similar to Heavy Rain‘s, where failing a button prompt will change the cinematic sequence, but not result in a hard fail state.

It looks as if Ready at Dawn is trying to blend gameplay and cinematics – two typically opposing elements – into a singular experience, and while it’s difficult to know whether interactive QTE’s are the way to achieve that goal, The Order is certainly shaping up to be an interesting title. The Order: 1886 is slated for a Q3 2014 release.

Video: IGN
Image: Sony Computer Entertainment

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