Nintendo Power Rides Off Into the Sunset

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Shortly after receiving my Nintendo Entertainment System, I was gifted with a subscription to Nintendo Power. The magazine became the most revered periodical of my childhood. Eventually, I moved no to more mature rags like Electronic Gaming Monthly and Gamepro, but my admiration for Nintendo Power never died. Alas, I must report today that Future Magazine plans to cease publication of the magazine.

The magazine was launched by Nintendo in 1988 as a spin-off of its Nintendo Fun Club newsletter. In 2007, they began farming out magazine duties to Future Publishing. According to Ars Technica, Nintendo proved “difficult to work with” and refused to look at digital measures of keeping the magazine in business, therefore the relationship between the companies was severed.

Future will mercifully shift some of Nintendo Power’s writers to other game-related magazines they publish. They did not disclose when the last issue would hit newsstands.

I’d like to thank Nintendo Power for Howard & Nester, the strategy guides and the free copy of Dragon Warrior for the NES. Feel free to use the comment section to eulogize our old friend.

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