Nintendo to Launch TVii Service in US & Canada Tomorrow

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Nintendo has finally revealed the US & Canadian launch date for their Wii U television service, TVii (Yes, that's the title they went with). It's tomorrow! And I thought I did things at the last minute.

Here are a few facts about TVii: The service is an attempt to unify television & video streaming on one box. It will allow you to use your Wii U Gamepad as a remote control & information dispersal unit for multiple services. Think Microsoft’s SmartGlass on a grander scale. On launch, it will support Amazon Instant Video and Hulu; Netflix Instant and TiVo will be added at some point in the new year. Of course, there will also be social media hooks implemented. Are you prepared for a new avenue to tell your friends exactly what you’re watching at all times and have them un-follow you?

The most exciting aspect of TVii, in my opinion, is the way it works with the Wii U Gamepad. SmartGlass is an amazing concept; however, if, like me, your only means of accessing it is a smart phone, you’re in for a cumbersome experience. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to scroll through the Netflix Instant UI using SmartGlass on my iPhone before landing on what I actually wanted to watch. Seeing how easily the faceless gamer in the trailer embedded below used their gamepad to navigate TVii made me incredibly jealous and piqued my interest in the service. How about you?

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