No Man’s Sky Developer Faces Second Flooding In Weeks

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Hello Games is facing a second wave of flooding to their office that could cause major setbacks to their ambitious next title, No Man's Sky.

Hello Games is facing a second wave of flooding to their office that could cause major setbacks to their ambitious next title, No Man’s Sky.

The first-person action game was announced on Spike’s 2013 VGX Awards in November and arguably became the most talked about portion of the show, thanks to a reveal trailer that teased a massive procedurally generated universe where everything is reachable either by foot or by ship.

On Christmas Eve a riverbank near the game developer’s Guildford, UK studio broke and severe flooding damaged thousands of dollars worth of equipment. Hello Games took to Twitter to spread the word, though their spirits remained in good shape.

To make matters worse, several days after the flooding the team were informed they did not have insurance for the damages due to their office’s location in a flood risk zone. The 6-person studio will presumably have to replace all the lost electronics and pay from repairs from their own pockets. However, even this news was faced with a great attitude.

This past Thursday, Hello Games tweeted that a second flood had swept into the Guildford area, though there’s no mention of the amount of damage caused to the developer this time around.

While Hello Games has remained admirably positive through this ordeal, it’s hard not to think about the affect this will have on No Man’s Sky‘s development. The team hasn’t said anything about losing actual game content in the first flooding – Most developers do keep backups off-site – but even that aside, something like this could have lasting effects on such a small company’s development costs and time. Considering that No Man’s Sky already sounded too good to be true from its announcement, it’ll be interesting to see how much of the game’s promised openness and exploratory nature make it into the final build.

To see exactly what makes No Man’s Sky such an impressive concept, we highly recommend watching Rev3 Games’s interview with the project’s Gaming Manager Sean Murray. While Murray keeps things cryptic, he does shed light on how the game is able to generate persistence across a large multiplayer landscape while maintaining its ‘every atom procedural’ mantra. Murray’s explanation of the game’s core mechanics and description of the world’s open sandbox nature perfectly illustrate why this is one of our most anticipated games of the new generation.

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