No More Teasing: The Official Full Length Doctor Who Trailer Is Here!

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"Life returns," and in just over a month so does the Doctor, but who can wait that long?! No worries, Whovians, the official full length Doctor Who trailer is here!

***Contains spoilers from previous seasons***

The trailer gives fans a peek at what they can expect from this upcoming season. Daleks, of course, can be expected, and it looks like the TARDIS may be in for an overhaul as well. Not surprising, really, as any new Doctor deserves his own version of the space traveling time machine.

After last season, when the Doctor(s) found a way to save their (his) home planet Gallifrey, it seems he has a new mission; to undo that which he has done. While it is not the first time the Doctor has sought to correct his own mistakes, no doubt Steven Moffat and his team of amazing writers will find a way to make this season new and exciting.

What will the season hold? Is the darkness he speaks of going to take the Doctor and his companion Clara (Jenna Coleman), back further into the past to face off with the Dalek? Will Clara stay with the Doctor she hardly knows?  Only time will tell.

Forget about Dinosaurs on a Space Ship, was that a Tyrannosaurus rex in London?! Will every ones favorite Silurian Madame Vastra (previously portrayed by Neve McIntosh) lend a helping hand and are those some new friends or foes we’re seeing? Most importantly, what will the new Doctor’s catchphrase be?

peter capaldi s doctor who costume revealed No More Teasing: The Official Full Length Doctor Who Trailer Is Here!

Unless you’ve a TARDIS of your own you will have to wait unit August 23rd to begin the adventure anew, as Capaldi slips into his new Doctor skin and we will all learn whether or not the Doctor is, indeed, a good man.

Least fans forget, a season premier is the perfect excuse for an old fashioned fancy dress viewing party. Check out our suggestions from last year on how to throw a party worthy of the Doctor’s return. What do you most look forward to in the coming season? Comment below or join the conversation on our GEEK Facebook page. Allons-y!

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