NYCC 2012 Hasbro Preview Party – Angry Birds Star Wars, Iron Man 3, KRE-O Star Trek, and more!

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Hasbro kicked off New York Comic-Con week with a special preview party that showcased all of their upcoming products for the holidays and well into 2013.

On the heels of their big Angry Birds Star Wars announcement last week, they gave us a taste of what’s to come in ways that brings even more of their properties into the mix, including Jenga and Koosh. With Jenga, you can use a catapult to knock over opponents’ structures and with Koosh, you use a slingshot to launch plush balls at targets. Also, in the realm of KRE-O, their building block division that is much like LEGO, they will soon be churning out products based on GI Joe and the upcoming Star Trek film.

Over by the bar, guarded by Iron Man, Hulk, and a fleet of SHIELD Helicarriers, we got our first look at some Iron Man 3 figures, including a number of tinier, non-articulated pieces that gave us a peek at some of the armors we might expect from the new film, coming in May 2013.

There were also displays for My Little Pony, Transformers Prime, and Marvel Legends toys. Unfortunately, the traditional Star Wars line was under-represented (a longtime favorite), but it was clear that any Star Wars focus was related to their Angry Birds initiative.

Take a look at the collection of images below and see for yourself what you and many other collectors might be buying in the months to come. Anything in particular catch your eye?

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