NYCC 2012: More Mass Effect on the Way from Dark Horse Comics

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Over the next few months, Dark Horse Comics plans to release even more Mass Effect-related goods.

In November, to celebrate N7 Day, they will issue a digital comic set in the Mass Effect universe that follows the adventures of Blasto, the first hanar Spectre (hanar: alien race that have a jellyfish-like appearance). Those that played Mass Effect 2 will likely remember hearing a commercial for a James Bond/Dirty Harry-inspired film featuring Blasto, who is said to have “a lover in every port and a gun in every tentacle.” Mac Walters, one of the game’s writers, scripted the comic; Omar Francia (Star Wars Legacy) handled the illustrations. You may download Blasto: Eternity is Forever via the Dark Horse Digital Store (Android, iOS) on November 7, 2012.

The Mass Effect Library Edition, which will release on May 22, 2013, collects every Mass Effect comic published by Dark Horse, including shorts from MySpace Dark Horse Presents, and the Dark Horse Digital store. The collection will also include commentary from artists & writers and a sketchbook featuring “never-before-seen” art.

The price point for each of these items wasn’t addressed. If you’re a completionist wishing to absorb every aspect of the Mass Effect universe, though, does money really matter?

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