NYCC 2012: The Last of Us Gets Prequel Comic

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The Last of Us, the next hotly anticipated video game from Uncharted developer Naughty Dog, is getting its own comic series. Dark Horse will publish The Last of Us: American Dreams, a four-issue miniseries from Naughty Dog writer Neil Druckmann and artist Faith Erin Hicks (Zombies Calling, Friends with Boys), in the spring of 2013.

Ellie, the game’s lead female character, will be the star of American Dreams. “…the heroine of The Last of Us, has grown up in a postpandemic world, shuttled between military orphanages in one of the last remaining quarantine zones and resigned to the fact that when she’s old enough,” reads the Dark Horse press release, “she’ll be channeled into the army or left to fend for herself—until she meets an older girl determined to find a third way out.” The events of the comic will ultimately lead to her first meeting with Joel, the man we were first introduced to in the trailer for the game.

Both the previously posted about Mass Effect news and The Last of Us: American Dreams announcement was made at Dark Horse’s “Expanding the Experience: Video Games and Comics” panel at the New York Comic-Con.

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