The Top 10 October Video Game Releases You’re Going to Want to Play

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Man...this summer gaming drought can't seem to end when we want it to. While we may enjoy the warm weather and extra long vacations, we're pretty bummed at the lack of major game releases.

There’s going to be one month to rule them all for gamers this year once the summer ends. October 2014 game releases are packed with marquee debut titles, massive sequels in existing franchises and next-gen console releases that must be added to your stash. This year, you won’t be afraid of all of the ghouls and ghosts coming this Halloween. You’ll be more frightened by the lack of funds in your bank account by the end of the month.

These 10 games will rule your entertainment center come October 2014. Prepare yourself for a month full of the games you might have to use a few sick days for.

10. Lords of the Fallen – October 28 

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Bandai Namco knows the winning formula that’s made the Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls series a hit: brutal gameplay, dark themes, wide locales and an amazing sense of discovery. With all that in mind, they’re looking to publish a game that’s of the same ilk. Developed by Deck13 Interactive and CI Games, Lords of the Fallen will give gamers another punishing hack ‘n slash adventure that’s hard as hell. For gamers who are gluttons for punishment, this debut IP will provide you with what you’ve been craving. For such a dark month, we’re glad that a dark RPG is getting released around then.

9. Driveclub – October 7

driveclub mid img9 600x336 The Top 10 October Video Game Releases Youre Going to Want to Play

Early PS4 adopters were looking forward to this 1st-party published/developed racing game in 2013. Sadly though, it got pushed back to 2014 due to it needing a bit more refining here and there. We’re all hoping that the extra fine tuning was well worth the wait. From the looks of things, that statement might ring true. Driveclub features a dynamic weather system that affects your race activity, a team-based mechanic that lets you hook up with other racers and the next-gen graphical sheen we all expected. This racer could become a sleeper hit of the month and make PS4 owners a bit more satisfied.

8. Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel! – October 14

Borderlands The Pre Sequel 1 600x333 The Top 10 October Video Game Releases Youre Going to Want to Play

The Borderlands fanbase has been anticipating an official 3rd main entry. Gearbox Software knows this and we have a feeling that it will be a massive endeavor to undertake. In the meantime, they’ve tapped 2K Australia to help them create this side story. Players will head to the moon this time around for some good ol’ looting and shooting. One of the main draws for this title is the chance to take control of past NPC (Non-Playable Characters). There’s Athena, Wilhelm, Nisha and …wait for it…CLAPTRAP! His inclusion as a playable character is worth the price of admission.

7. WWE 2K15 – October 28

WWE2K15 Sting Both 600x449 The Top 10 October Video Game Releases Youre Going to Want to Play

We weren’t super excited about this new entry in the WWE video game series… until we saw the commercial for the pre-order bonus. WCW and TNA alumni Sting is FINALLY going to be a playable wrestler! Plus, we found out that Yuke’s and Visual Concepts (the genius devs behind all those excellent NBA 2K releases) are producing this annual sequel. The lil’ Hulkamaniac in us all are ready to head into the next-gen squared circle. This is the 1st next-gen edition of WWE’s wrestling games, which makes us giddy with glee. NEXT-GEN SCORPION DEATH DROPS FOR EVERYBODY!

6. Super Smash Bros. (3DS) – October 3

ssb 01 thumb The Top 10 October Video Game Releases Youre Going to Want to Play

We’ve been following all the official pics, official trailers and Nintendo Direct livestreams for the next Super Smash Bros. ever since it was announced. Our hype levels have gone through the roof now that we know some of our favorites are joining the roster. Mega FRIGGIN’ Man is going to do battle with Mario, Sonic, Pac-Man, Link and more gaming icons. The 3DS version is going to drop in October before the Wii U version. 3DS owners are getting the exclusive Smash Run mode, which is a fun mix of platforming action and fighting game encounters. This handheld rendition will strain our necks since we’ll be staring down at it once we get it.

5. Alien: Isolation – October 7

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We’ve been burned way too many times by the video games tied to the Alien movie franchise. The worst offender of them all was Gearbox Software’s ultimately flawed attempt at giving us an awesome FPS experience in Aliens: Colonial Marines. Sega has handed over the development reigns for their next Alien game to The Creative Assembly, which has led to the creation of this 1st-person scare fest. Alien: Isolation ditches the run and gun gameplay for a tense and nerve wracking survival horror adventure. Dealing with one intelligent and bloodthirsty alien and getting to play with members of the film’s original cast has us excited. Incredibly afraid, but still excited.

4. The Evil Within – October 14

2037205 711438 20130424 003 600x337 The Top 10 October Video Game Releases Youre Going to Want to Play

Here’s another October 2014 video game release that will bring on the scares close to Halloween. Shinji Mikami, the originator of Capcom’s Resident Evil series, is using his survival horror expertise to create The Evil Within. Previews for this gory and downright frightening looking title have alluded to instances of little ammo, tense moments with individuals who can kill you in one hit and psychological tricks that mess with the player. All of these things give us hope that the final product uses these mechanics to perfection. We’e ready to jump out of our seats again. Mikami’s 3rd-person thriller just might do the trick.

3. Killer Instinct: Season 2 – October 15

tj combo ki2.0.0 cinema 960.0 600x337 The Top 10 October Video Game Releases Youre Going to Want to Play

Microsoft is treating the new slate of Killer Instinct DLC as a full-on season of new characters, stages, system adjustments and more. TJ Combo and Maya will be the first two returning characters who will enter that fray. We’re totally going to get Cinder, people! They’ll be followed by six more fighters who will be revealed later down the line. There’s going to be an Ultra Edition and Combo Breaker variation of this upcoming season. You’re gonna want to spend your dough on the Ultra Edition. Why? You’ll get more outfits AND Killer Instinct 2 Classic! Man, what a bargain…

2. Sunset Overdrive – October 28

SunsetOverdrive Captain Ahab 600x337 The Top 10 October Video Game Releases Youre Going to Want to Play

Insomniac Games can do no wrong, in our opinion. All of their PlayStation exclusive games are filled with personality, as evidenced by the themes, characters and far out weaponry included in them all. They’ve taken their penchant for wildly creative games and decided to produce a new, exclusive title for the Xbox One – Sunset Overdrive. This super colorful and downright trippy 3rd-person shooter looks so fun. Characters have the ability to grind rails and shoot down deformed enemies with records, bowling balls and fireworks. This hilarious mix-up of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater-esque tricks and explosive gunplay looks and sounds amazing.

1. Bayonetta 2 – October 24

WiiU Bayonetta2 scrn03 E3 600x337 The Top 10 October Video Game Releases Youre Going to Want to Play

The Wii U is FINALLY getting the craziest action/adventure sequel owners have waited too long for – Bayonetta 2. Every big of gameplay footage we’ve laid eyes on is full of the type of zany gameplay we’ve come to expect from Platinum Games. Our favorite witch has a new hairstyle, new weapons, new demons to summon and even clashes with the very demons she uses in battle. This October 2014 release is a really special one due to the fact that it gives owners the 1st Bayonetta, which comes with Nintendo-themed outfits and items. This Wii U package gives us much to look forward too. We’re so ready to turn on that Witch Time and destroy some angels.

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