Oculus VR Buys Out Designers of the XBox 360 Controller

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Oculus VR, the company behind the Oculus Rift, have bought the design company responsible for the XBox 360 controller and Kinect.

Carbon Design Group has developed consumer, industrial, and medical products for over 20 years, and has no doubt been acquired by Oculus VR to ready the final consumer version of the Oculus Rift. As of now, only a single Developer Version has shipped, with a second due to ship this July. As to when the consumer version ships is currently anyone’s guess, as the company says they’ll ship it when ready.

According to the Oculus VR website, “as part of the deal, the team will officially become a key component of the product engineering group at Oculus, operating from the Carbon studio in the Seattle area. They’ll also be working closely with the Oculus R&D team based out of Redmond.”

Kinect Terminator updated 600x285 Oculus VR Buys Out Designers of the XBox 360 Controller

Kinect [Via Carbon Design]

Oculus has also revealed that they have been working with the Carbon Design team for over a year now on a number of unannounced projects. So while the Carbon Design team are no doubt contributing to the consumer version of the Rift, there are obviously a few other projects Oculus isn’t quite ready to talk about. In my opinion, a safe bet would be on a custom controller for the Rift itself.

This acquisition follows Oculus VR’s own acquisition by Facebook, which was done in a whopping $2 billion deal. Though the association with Facebook has indeed raised some eyebrows, there is no doubt that Oculus Rift is attracting some heavy talent. People such as John Carmack (ID Software), Michael Abrash (Valve, Microsoft, ID), and Jason Rubin (THQ, Naughty Dog) have all joined the team over the last year. The future seemingly belongs to VR, but we’ll have to wait and see if they can deliver on their promise. The certainly have the talent and capital to do so though.

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