The Cast of ABC’s ‘Once Upon A Time’ on Their Evolving Roles

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Get ready dearies, magic returns in a little less than a week and we get to pick up on where our favorite Once Upon a Time characters are.

Is Neal/Baelfire alive? Why does Peter Pan want Henry? Regina, Rumple, Hook and Emma on a boat working together? Hopefully some questions will be answered in the two hour season premiere.  In the mean time the cast teases what’s in store as they head off to Neverland.

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Michael Raymond James on Bealfire/Neal’s return to The Enchanted Forest and his thought processes:

It’s really well crafted in terms of between where they’re (Neverland crew) at and where I find myself. There is too much of a big job to do. I just now was able to get out this thing that I had been carrying around for ages. I have my son who is in danger, there’s a lot going on. I think the time for reflection for me is going to be later.  I knew the broadstrokes of the arc last year going into it. It was part of the reason why I took the job.

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Jennifer Morrison talks how Emma works through the things that have happened to her, if at all:

The problem with Emma always is she has no time to deal with anything. Things happen so fast and I try to build those moments while other things are happening but the reality is she lost Neal and lost Henry so quickly, that her need and determination to get Henry back is trumping her shock and numbness and devastation of losing Neal. So she’s not at a place where she is really dealing with it, we get little tiny glimpses in the writing but the adventure is moving forward so quickly that there’s not a lot of time for self reflection.

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Ginnifer Goodwin on Snow Grappling with the dark mark on her heart:

Snow’s personal journey this season, I believe, is going to be about more belief in herself and understanding who she is now. She understands she is not as definable as she once thought she was — that she is capable as just as much evil as the Evil Queen. It certainly means Snow White’s gonna have to reconcile the two disparate parts of herself to be useful to everyone else in this world.

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Josh Dallas shares insight on whether his grandson Henry will need the training he gave him or if he can manage on his own in Neverland:

I think Charming thinks Henry is super capable. I think that as a grandfather, I think he’s really proud of him. He’s so brave, he’s so honest, and he has such a belief. And I think that’s gonna be very important for Henry, his belief.

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Robert Carlyle talks about Rumple/Gold’s struggle with his identity:

A very long time ago he made the decision that the power is the thing- that’s what he wants. As time goes by he second guesses himself  “I wanna become a good man” but as soon as he goes down that road it changes again. Yes, he’s a very fantastical fairytale character but he’s still very human- kinda one of the most human characters in that respect. I know guys like that, they don’t know who they are, where they’re going, if they’re good or bad. That’s what makes for a great character.

Once Upon a Time returns this Sunday, September 29th with a two hour season premiere on ABC

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