Orange Is the New Black Season Two Trailer Is Here!

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On the heels of Netflix's successful series House of Cards, came the jailhouse dramedy, Orange Is the New Black. After the first season quickly gained a huge following, the fans immediately started clamoring for more. Thankfully, it is right around the corner and a trailer has been released!

If you didn’t watch the first season of Orange Is the New Black, you definitely should. You can watch this season two trailer as it isn’t too spoiler heavy (especially if you don’t know the characters and their storylines) but really, go watch season one. You’ve got a little less than two months, you can do it!

So much great stuff going on there but there are some glaring absences. I’m assuming that person sitting in the chapel is Pennsatucky, but that’s all we see of her. One would imagine that given the events towards the end of season one could be why we don’t see her in the promo, but we’ll just have to wait and see. Then there’s Miss Claudette. One of the best parts of this show is the time spent on backstories and Miss Claudette had one of the most interesting. Michelle Hurst, who plays Miss Claudette, was actually injured in a car accident this past December although filming was reportedly mostly wrapped by that point. That sounds a bit callous so I should add, we do wish her healing and hopefully she’s back to 100% now.

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One of the biggest stories that made headlines after the first Orange Is the New Black season, was that Laura Prepon was not returning for season two. Thankfully she is returning but it is apparently in a limited capacity. What that means for Alex and Piper’s ongoing storyline, we do not know and if you blinked, you’d have missed her in the trailer which looks like it might possibly be a flashback scene.

Those are the absences, but the trailer gives us a heads up on at least two new prisoners. One was just in passing (Is she saying that prison isn’t like how we see it on TV? That was a very meta-esque moment.) but the other seems that she might be a major player in season two.

That’s right, Lorraine Toussaint is coming to Orange Is the New Black and it appears as if she and Red have a bit of a history. If this season doesn’t feature the two of them racing to catch the chicken first, I will be sorely disappointed.

So much going on, so much to look forward to! Thankfully we don’t have too much longer to wait as Orange Is the New Black season two in its entirety will hit Netflix on June 6.

What say you? Did you enjoy season one? Can’t wait for season two? Looking forward to see how Alex and Piper end their storyline? Never looked at chickens the same again? Let us know down in the comments below or, as always, on the GEEK Facebook page!

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