Orphan Black Gets Season Three, Star Gets Emmy Nod?

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Coming as a surprise to almost no one, Orphan Black has been renewed for a third season. Does the continued success and growing fandom of the show translate to an Emmy nomination for the show's star Tatiana Maslany?

If you are one of those who just skims articles for relevant words I’ll make this easy – NO IT DOES NOT. As a matter of fact, the BBC America original series did not garner any major nominations this year. Actually, let’s dig a little deeper.

Orphan Black Emmy Nominations Orphan Black Gets Season Three, Star Gets Emmy Nod?

That’s right, Orphan Black has not been nominated for anything, for two years now. That’s not just acting nominations, that is hair and makeup and technical direction and every other non-acting Emmy Awards category.

It’s rather hard to believe that a show in which one actress plays an entire cast of characters, only distinguished from each other by hair, makeup, and her acting skills, can’t even garner a nomination for Best Makeup over a show like Mad Men. Don’t get me wrong, I happen to love Mad Men and think it is a fantastic show, but does the makeup of that show go above and beyond matching what a Google search returns with when you type in “makeup in the 1960s”?

It’s extremely hard not to make comparisons to Anna Torv and Fringe. I jumped on the Fringe train after the show ended, but while watching I immediately thought (especially after a few episodes including “Marionette”) “wow I’d be surprised if Anna Torv wasn’t at least nominated once for this show.” Of course no nominations. Thankfully, the Saturn Awards did not ignore Torv’s work. The same can not be said for Maslany and Orphan Black.

Orphan Black Clone Party 600x337 Orphan Black Gets Season Three, Star Gets Emmy Nod?

Not even a technical nomination for this episode? Shame.

For unknown reasons, the sci-fi show has never been nominated for a single Saturn Award, given out for entertainment in the sci-fi, fantasy, and horror genres. If that doesn’t puzzle you, add the fact that The Americans (which, just like Mad Men, is a fantastic show but not necessarily one that comes immediately to mind when thinking of sci-fi television) was nominated last year and one has to wonder what those who come up with these nominations are thinking. Hell, even Arrow can’t pick up an Emmy nod for stunt coordination. It’s almost as if we live in some type of alternate reality in which Hawaii Five-0 is better at anything than Arrow

Let’s move on to happier news before my head explodes (which will likely happen about the time The Big Bang Theory or Modern Family wins the Best Comedy Series Emmy). Season three!!!! Yay! After the number of clones added during the second season, is it possible for Orphan Black to continue on this trajectory? How can they top themselves? I’m not going to give any details as the second season has only recently wrapped up, but those who are caught up know what I’m talking about – how can they top themselves?!?!

Awards nominations or not, fans of Orphan Black can take pride in “their” show. Each episode seems to set out to do the impossible and finds a way to accomplish just that.The same can not be said for a lot of television airing today.

Let it loose Orphan Black fans – how disheartened are you by this snub? Do you hold much stock in awards shows? Don’t care who wins what, you just know what you like? Discuss it below, or as always, on the Geek Facebook page!

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