Orphan Black: New Trailer, New Poster, New Clone!

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If you haven't watched Orphan Black, you are missing out. As the season two Orphan Black trailer clearly illustrates, this show is just what the "scifi/creepy/mysterious/wtf just happened?" doctor ordered.

It was easy to miss season one of Orphan Black. Airing on BBC America, there wasn’t a lot of hoopla around the show before it premiered. Really it wasn’t until it was well into its ten episode run that it started to make the internet rounds. Fans became very vocal on social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, and most especially Tumblr.

Orphan Black chatter hit a fever pitch when those who had seen the show damn near rioted in the streets when star Tatiana Maslany was overlooked for an Emmy nomination. Of course every fan of every show feels as if their favorite actor and/or actress deserves to be nominated, but in the case of Maslany, the Orphan Black fans had a legitimate gripe (one that fans of Anna Torv‘s surely can relate to due to that actress being passed over often despite excelling at playing numerous characters on Fringe).

Not only is Maslany a talented actress, but in Orphan Black she is tasked with the portraying a multitude of characters – clones of the main character, Sarah Manning. All in all, Maslany played seven characters in the first season. In season two? She’s adding another to her list.

Orphan Black New Clone 600x600 Orphan Black: New Trailer, New Poster, New Clone!

Entertainment Weekly, whose issue this week features Tatiana Maslany and Orphan Black (makes one wonder if there have been many instances of an actor being on a magazine cover with two other versions of themselves), announced the identity of the newest clone this afternoon.

In a video diary, we meet Jennifer Fitzsimmons, a 28 year old teacher and swim coach who resides somewhere in the midwestern US. Turns out, Jennifer has a bit of a lung problem, just like Cosima in season one. Actually, Jennifer’s lung problem appears to be quite advanced and she goes on to say that she’s being treated by The Dyad Institute and Dr. Leekie. Those who are caught up, trust me, my jaw did the same exact thing when I heard that.

Not only did we learn of the new clone today, we also got an Orphan Black season two poster that is just chock full of little clues here and there.

Orphan Black Season Two Poster 600x337 Orphan Black: New Trailer, New Poster, New Clone!

Kiera drawing pictures of clones, including Helena, Cosima’s blood filled handkerchief suggesting she is not getting any better, Felix looks amazing as does Paul (played by Dylan Bruce who appeared on Arrow earlier this season), Allison and the scarf that played a large part in the garbage disposal incident, Donnie with his “I’ve given up on life” sweatsuit, Mrs. S. with a gun… there is a lot going on.

If that wasn’t enough to get you psyched up for the return of Sarah, Allison, Cosima, and the rest of the clones, a season two trailer was also released this week!

We already knew about the two psychopaths, but could that last shot be of the new clone? Or perhaps Dyad caught up with Helena? So many questions just waiting to be answered. Thankfully we don’t have too much longer to wait as Orphan Black season two premieres on Saturday, April 19 at 9/8c on BBC America.

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