Pacific Rim Reveals Awe-Inspiring Kaiju Skull Still

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Today, the Twitter account for Pacific Rim—Guillermo del Toro’s robot-on-monster slugfest movie—posted the above photo for all to see…and it’s amazing. The picture’s caption sums it up nicely:

“What once evoked fear now inspires awe. New #PacificRim image shows #Kaiju skull on display!”

How cool is that? The answer is EXTREMELY COOL.

Pacific Rim looks like it’s going to be one of this summer’s most exciting flicks, and the fact that its simple premise — giant monsters rise from the seas, and humanity fights back in equally monstrous robot suits — is being handled by movie-making master Guillermo del Toro makes it even better.

The word “kaiju” is Japanese for “strange beast,” but these days the word is synonymous with all the crazy monster movies that have come out of Japan for the last few decades. The most famous kaiju of all is, of course, Godzilla. But shows that have been exported to the West, like Power Rangers and Voltron, could be considered examples of kaiju-style entertainment.

Hopefully when the movie comes and goes, props like the one in the photo start doing the rounds at conventions… and maybe even museums of our own. How awesome would it be to see a giant kaiju skull in the Museum of Natural History?

The movie’s set for release in 3D, traditional 2D, and IMAX on July 12, and promises to be some classic, big summer fun.

Image: Legendary Pictures

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