Papers For Characters Redesigns Classic Movies On Paper

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In order for a film to become a true classic, it has to stand the test of time. Naturally, though, the longer a film has been ingrained in our culture, the more difficult it becomes to look at it from a fresh angle. Yet Spanish graphic design studio Atipo seem to have found a way to reimagine some of our favorite classics in a series they call Papers for Characters.

Many artists have tried to put their staple on cinema’s most important moments and minimalism is a popular style on the internet these days, but Atipo’s artists take a more tactile approach to their work which adds an edge to their already razor sharp eye for symbolism. Papers for Characters, or Papeles de Cine in the original Spanish, is a collection of iconic images from classic film, painstakingly crafted in their own minimalistic way using paper supplied by Minke, a ‘graphical services provider’. Atipo created the pieces for Minke as part of a promotional campaign for its new website Gallery of Papers, which seeks to provide artists with a variety of unique and often rare paper stock.

atipo cardboard art box Papers For Characters Redesigns Classic Movies On Paper

Papers for Characters mixes well-known pop culture movies and more obscure films, but each is given its own unique paper rendering. Below is a look at some of our favorites, but these are just a fraction of the complete collection.

A piece like The Curious Case of Benjamin Button requires only a simple crinkling of paper to relay the notion of age, while for Alien the artist chose the appropriately aggressive approach of tearing through the center of a flesh-tone card. Frankenstein uses two pieces of paper to perfect effect – The disjointed nature of its construction says just as much about the monster’s character in the movie as it describes his physical appearance.

Much like Adam Thompson‘s work using the Justice League, Papers for Characters illustrates perfectly just how an artist can convey a wealth of information to an audience with the smallest flourishes. Talented artists like those at Atipo don’t need a large canvas or a wealth of supplies to capture the most memorable moments in motion picture history, condensing hours of movie magic into gorgeous paper craft.

 Images: Minke and Atipo Studio

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