Paul Rudd, Thy Name is Ant-Man?

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It appears as if Marvel is ready to sign on the dotted line with their newest superhero, Ant-Man. Rumor has it that Paul Rudd is the man up for the job.

Despite rumblings that Joseph Gordon-Levitt would hop over to Marvel from DC (of course appearing in the Nolan Batman universe as well as recently signing on for Sandman) and early titters that perhaps Simon Pegg was tapped to play the tiny superhero, it is indeed Anchorman 2 star, Paul Rudd who for all intents and purposes, will be your Ant-Man.

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Various entertainment outlets claim to have their “sources” all saying that Rudd and Marvel have entered into negotiations for the film projected to be released in July of 2015, shortly after the second Avengers movie.

Edgar Wright is set to direct the film, based on the script that he and Joe Cornish (Attack the Block) co-wrote. The movie will tell the story of Hank Pym, a scientist who, in the course of study, discovers a substance that allows him to change his size. The next logical step would be, of course, to become the size of an insect. Pym becomes a somewhat unlikely crime fighter that uses his small size to his advantage. No getting stuck in an air duct for this guy!

An interesting aspect from the comics is that Hank Pym was the creator of Ultron, who will of course be the villain in the upcoming Avengers sequel. Curious to see if they manage to sneak Rudd into that movie, post credits perhaps?

With the issue of who will be Hank Pym out of the way, look for more information to start coming as pre-production on the film gets underway. Stay tuned to GEEK for all your Ant-Man news!

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