Phinergy Aluminum Battery Allows Car to Drive 1100 Miles

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Phinergy has unveiled an electric vehicle able to drive over 1,100 miles between charges by using a new battery which features aluminum as its base.

Partnering with aluminum company Alcoa Canada, Phinergy’s new aluminum-air battery allows electric cars to travel over twice the range they currently can. For example, the Tesla Model S currently only has a range of 500 miles when using a similarly sized battery, and it is considered to be the premium electric vehicle. According to Aviv Tzidon, CEO of Phinery, the company hopes that this new battery will will speed the adoption of electric cars, and that the new battery will put an end to range anxiety.

While the new batteries do slowly break down over time, the entire battery can be recycled due to the fact it is made of aluminum. Better yet, the time to replace a battery is estimated to only take about 90 seconds, which means it could be swapped out easily at a local “gas” station, etc.

Phinergy is also pursuing the development of other metal-air technologies, and have developed a zinc battery that has a few advantages over aluminum. Due to zincs durability, a zinc-air battery would last many thousands of hours more without any chemical deterioration.

phinergy Phinergy Aluminum Battery Allows Car to Drive 1100 Miles

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Phinergy hopes to see their metal-air batteries become the primary energy storage device for transportation, and a number of other consumer and industrial devices. If Phinergy’s batteries do hold up to their claims, it would be a major boon to the shipping industry. With transport trucks creating the majority of pollution on our roads, moving these vehicles to run off clean energy would be incredibly beneficial for our health and our environment. While current batteries are capable of powering the trucks, they would in no way provide the power needed to drive the long distances these transport trucks travel.

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